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Chakras Demystified

By Flicka Rahn

If you are reading this, you probably already know what chakras are but allow me to define and describe them as if they were a totally new concept. In simplistic terms, they are energy exchange vortexes, which facilitate energy exchange with the quantum field, the field that surrounds and connects all things. They have been described as wheels in the Hindu and Buddhist tradition because they appear as whirling wheels as they spin. The inception points are located along the spine and extend as cones to the front of the body and also extend out the back. Each of the chakras are “feeding” specific internal organs and nerve bundles.
The chakras are the energy exchangers between the physical body or matter and the subtle or etheric body. They assimilate, exchange and emit life energy. What that means is if a person is saturated in negative emotions, thoughts or impulses, the physical body will suffer, as everything is energy and everything moves. In simply language, we become what we think and feel. So, for a vital and joyous life, a balanced and vibrant chakra system is imperative. Now, the question is, how is this achieved? Meditation, balanced living and physical care, exercise, breath and voice work, healthy nutritious food, restful sleep and most of all, and above all….LOVE, in action and thought.
I have worked with these energy centers for many years and read extensively and have come to the conclusion that the most profound influence on creating a balanced state of the chakras is internal peace. To allow the body to self correct, to heal, to balance by “getting out of the way” has been my path. I have found that music coupled with meditation has been my journey toward sanity. So, Daniel and I offer this CD which will take the listener toward that goal in a way that moves through your compassionate heart. In listening to the CD, it is not necessary to “focus” on each chakra (although you can) as you move from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra and then into the High Heart (Divine Connection through Love). It is enough just to fall in the musical arms of peace and rest.
It has been said that we cannot heal AND defend…it is one action or the other, so I ask you to choose LOVE. Love all that comes into your experience, whether that is a person, experience, situation, idea, or observation. When your entire life is seen through the eyes of LOVE, the chakras will balance. Questions of “why did this or that happened to me?” become “what is my lesson here and what am I to learn.” “How can I love this person that has harmed me?” becomes gratitude for the opportunity to practice unconditional LOVE for all. Yes, it is hard but the result is peace and health and joy. I wish you success as you journey back to yourself, your true nature. This experience that we all share of being souls incarnated on this most glorious planet is beyond bliss. I invite you to be fully awake in this mystery. 
Flicka Rahn is an internationally known opera singer, educator, sound therapist, composer, and distinguished academician, who was a tentured Professor of Voice at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where she taught for 22 years. Ms. Rahn has sung major operatic roles throughout the United States.


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